Self Direction



Self Direction – Today’s Voice actor is forced to self direct and without proper feedback, it’s hard to know where you stand.  The Get Mic’d team is here to help.  We wear many hats in this field, so keeping them all in check is important.  This chapter will help you discover how to direct yourself, to give your clients exactly what they need.

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– inspire- put “wow” into everything you say
– infinite possibilities
– leap of faith-give what they’re not asking for
– know copy inside/out
– don’t memorize script
– difference between film & tv
– vo – anime and dubbing – almost memorize
– don’t mock words – respond to a question asked
– don’t anticipate or throw away the product
– what makes you unique
– make quick choices
– don’t manufacture laughter, find your joy which will sell anything
– examples of the fake smile and the real smile in reads
– the booth is your playground
– if your ego is in the booth, you have lost the job
– let go
– love the product
– know what you are selling
– have an opinion
– today’s trends
– don’t be predictable
– qualify what you are saying with the cpy
– the last line informs the first line of the copy
– transitions, switch ups, thoughts to self, qualifiers, surprise, mystery,
– how to engage the listener
– bring in your personality- be  a public speaker- talk to and with your audience not ‘at’ them
– don’t let the listener get ahead of you and the read because you keep serving the same meal
– use different tactics to achieve your objective
– know what’s out there on tv and the radio
– be a clever talent who knows how to naturalize and entertain while getting the product sold, then the producers will love you
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