We want to do our best to get the best professional quality visuals we can. While you may not have access to a superior video camera set up, or your studio may be confined etc., please do your best to create a visually appealing camera view. You do NOT HAVE to be in a studio, however that’s a great visual for the show at hand and will give us the best audio.

Lighting and a PLAIN background are the key to a great visual, so do your best. Here are some guidelines that may give you a helping hand. Many phones have a great audio/visual, so use what you can and do your best.

LOCATION: Voice in your studio, bedroom, closet, car or whatever means to get the best possible sound and lighting. MAKE SURE YOUR PHONES AND DEVICES are turned off for unwanted noises during your takes..

CAMERA Avoid using a web cam if at all possible, and if it looks grainy, work with lighting.

As easy as it is to just sit in front of your computer and read the sides, it looks terrible. Ideally, be in your studio, or make shift studio set up, get a digital camcorder or use your good quality phone/ipad that fits your budget and place the camera at a higher angle looking down to help capture the best angle and lighting. Either have a tripod, make shift stand or have a friend operate the device for you, however remember this is an up to two hour show, so have a drink and some snacks near by.

BACKDROP: It is recommended to use a backdrop: Ideally a solid colored curtain or a blank wall (if you don’t have a studio). Avoid clutter, it doesn’t read well on camera. For example a bookshelf may look nice but behind you on camera may make things too busy. Simple is key! Plain sheets/blankets can make excellent backdrops

CLOTHING: Ideally wear a color that neither blends into nor contrasts with the color of your backdrop.

LIGHTING: DON’T rely on overhead fluorescent lights: If it’s all you’ve got, you can make it work with overhead lights. But be aware that overhead lights create deep shadows on your face, which can make you look older or change your appearance completely. Also, fluorescent lights tend to make things look more yellowish-orange.

Ideally, use two incandescent lights (bulbs with filaments). One as a key light, set off the side of the camera and pointed at your face, and one as a fill light, set to the opposite side of the camera a little farther away and pointed at your side. Just be careful to not over-light as you could become washed-out. If your room is small you may be able to get by with just one light.

LANDSCAPE MODE: We also request that you shoot in landscape mode:

Shooting the video in landscape (horizontal) mode helps prevent the video from appearing sideways or too small when viewed.