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Category #1
Guest Judge Casting/Director Mary Lynn Wissner

“I watched the first half hour of the 1st voice over survival and got so many great tips from the first 3 performances alone! You were right, it is an amazingly useful source of feedback and learning so I will definitely make sure to keep up with the remaining episodes

The Ultimate VO Survivor – Episode 1 Commercial

Category #2
Guest Judge Agent Erik Sheppard

“Congratulations on The Ultimate VO survivor! You are so right, it really truly was a television show! It was so great to watch each episode and to see everything unfold. Go Canada!

Thank you so much for taking on this beast of a project, especially during such dire times, and truly making it international – so amazing. I really learned so much and I appreciate the time you spent on creating such an incredible opportunity for the viewers too!”

Brianna Diodati

Category #3
Animation/Video Games
With two special guest judges Top Talent Dave Fennoy and Ellen Dubin

Category #3
Animation/Video Games
With two special guest judges Top Talent Dave Fennoy and Ellen DubinGRAND FINALE

Your Winners Are Crowned
Guest Judges – MaryLynn Wissner, Ellen Dubin, Erik Sheppard, Dave Fennoy, Cliff Zellman, Dawn Harvey & Marc Cashman


Get Mic’d – The Ultimate VO Survivor

Three Prize Packages worth over $8000.00 – $9700.00 each (one per contestant, including – training, demos, equipment and more)

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Recorded Shows: (Top 32 Shortlisted Contestants in 3 categories)
Thirty Two contestants were shortlisted out of 632 talent from all over the globe, to join us for our Virtual shows covering each of the three categories of voice acting.

COMMERCIAL Category Contestants

Julie Ann Dean

Beth Stewart

Rebecca Lee

Earl Fisher

Lauren Cavanaugh

Karen Scobie

Tyler Hyrchuk

Andrea Rooz

Amanda Utter

Stephan Johnson

NARRATION Category Contestants

Rebecca Lee

Tom Aglio

Paula Meissner

Steven Vlahos

Curt Bonnem

Sara Dunham

Alexander Cantrell

Erich Turner

Christine Hughes

Earl Fisher

ANIMATION/GAMING Category Contestants

Hannah Hellwig

JC Marquez

Jason Durkee

Kristi Boulton

Erich Turner

Alexander Cantrell

Julie Ann Dean

Kato Alexandre

Jamie McKiernan

Jonathan Sconza

Scotty Newlands

DK Phan