12 glorious voice talent, lifting their wings to share their storytelling with the world. Let’s celebrate their incredible talents together. Take a moment to listen to their demos/samples. Watch for these soldiers of the word on our VOICE ANGEL display on the Grand Finale of The Ultimate VO Survivor – Take 3 – live at VOAtlanta March 23rd, 8:00 – 10:30 p.m. EST

A young, fresh, quirky talent, spinning her magic!  A storyteller at heart, this bubbly, passionate, hard working voice magician is unique to the core.  Fighting all odds, this driven entrepreneur has a range of voices from quirky, animated, youthful, to her authentic punjab heritage bringing to life a character you’ll never forget.   Sakina is  enthusiastic; energetic; organized; persevering; bold; risk-taking; approachable, adventurous, and caring.
As she says, the only thing holding you back is your imagination – so let’s book something!

A versatile performer with a flair for accents, Joanne has loaned her voice across a dozen voiceover genres, and dabbled in stand-up.  She has twice been a Top 12 Finalist on the Ultimate VO Survivor, and twice made the Top 6 (and was 2021 runner-up) in the CBS2 Audition Spotlight Promo Competition at That’s Voiceover.  A Jo of All Trades, she is also an award-winning artist and writer, and has survived a long and rather peculiar career behind the scenes in entertainment.  Living in England and traveling extensively helped hone her vocal skillset, and she’s fluent in both US and UK!

Matt Chalik

Matt Chalik has been loudly expressing himself since the moment he was told to sit still and stop making mouth noises. It’s been his life ever since. Art, music, acting, speech, writing, directing, coaching. All spokes on the wheel of creativity.
Whichever you witness, you’re going to remember it.

Hear Matt’s Audition

Born in Hungary and currently residing in Dallas Texas, Livia Zita is an award winning multilingual voiceover talent and vocalist.

She enjoys creative character work in animation and videogames the most, and she is highly sought after for her natural exotic accent.

Highlights in her career so far include voicing in an animated feature with Mark Hamill, receiving the British Wishing Shelf Book Award for Audiobook Narration, and being nominated for a Grammy for her singing with the heavy metal band King Diamond.

Tom Edwards went to the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada, where he obtained a BFA in Drama.  He began his explorations in acting somewhere in Junior high and High school, where the need to exhibit his hilarious takes on life began.  Upon graduation he began to obtain work in theatre and commercials and films and industrial videos, all of varying quality, in Edmonton and in Vancouver, B.C.  He’s worked in ADR for Anime cartoons and a bit of voicing for games with Bioware.  He has been to many voice conventions with Deb and taken many voice acting classes with Deb and Elley-Ray.  He met Deb Munro at a film audition in Calgary way back in the 2000s, where she invited him to get into voiceover and “Look her up”.  And Tom can partially blame her and Elley-Ray for the performance you will be put through now.  He takes most of the blame upon himself.

A Multi Award Winning Female Voice Actor specializing in Radio and TV Commercial, TV Narration, TV Promo and Corporate training videos.

With a regular stream of return clients and multiple awards under her belt, it’s safe to say Emma has found her career fit. As a professional, she is constantly striving for growth. She’s driven, hardworking, collaborative, and takes a lot of pride in her superb ability to take direction. Working from her pro home studio, Emma is ready to meet and beat your toughest deadlines.

Outside the booth, Emma is a fitness, wellness and yoga enthusiast – she’s been a yoga instructor for over 25 years and holds certifications in Ashtanga yoga, FRC and personal training.

Straightforward. Grounded. As REAL as they come. Let Emma O’Neill Voiceover be the sound to inspire your vision, to tell your story authentically.

Check out her website here


Professionally trained voice actor with a deep, smooth voice that brings a natural rich sound to every project. People have commented that Bruce provides an authentic voice with authority while still being relatable, charismatic, genuine, and approachable. Bruce specializes in commercial, trailer, and promo projects.”

Lisa’s story begins in the United Kingdom, where her free-spirited nature led her to
embark on a life-changing journey to Canada.
Although Lisa’s background is in business economics, she took a leap of faith and
followed her true passion for voiceover and acting. Fast forward two years, and she is
now living her dream and loving every moment of it.
When she’s not busy pursuing her passions, Lisa loves to inspire others, improve her golf game, savor a glass of rich red wine.
Lisa’s home is always buzzing with the energy of her two lovable dogs, three grown-up
children, and her supportive and amazing husband, Andrew. With such a full and
exciting life, Lisa truly embodies the spirit of adventure and inspires those around her to
live life to the fullest.

John is a voice actor hailing from Colorado. He loves telling brilliant stories in the fields of automotive advertising, narration, animation and anything else he can find. A 6 year veteran of the US Navy, he has a varied and eclectic background for a voice actor. A true Renaissance Man (yes, he worked there too). He has four academic degrees (3 in foreign languages). In addition to voice acting, he has had careers in education, military, aviation and public service. His pursuits include growing bonsai, woodworking, gardening, and bagpiping, and in the time before writing was a stage actor. He has raised two strapping young lads and a pug with his wife and encourager-in-chief Dawn.

I you didn’t think that a deep rumble of a thunderous voice wouldn’t make you want to hug you mother, you haven’t heard the smooth tones of Marc Remi yet.  With a background in radio, credentials from The Connecticut School of Broadcasting, and even telling stories and voicing characters for friends in his free time, Marc can breath life into your next project.  Everything from a stalwart prince, to an evil mastermind, Marc Remi can do it all.

Originally from Connecticut, Marc took time off from his dream of VA to serve his country in the United States Army before moving to Florida and serving his community as a police officer. Marc now is responsible for ensuring the safety of the local children as a School Resource Officer.
Marc is brand new to the industry but is ready to tackle you next project as the character you need him to be. With a website still in development, the best way to contact Marc is through email.  Send him an audition you would like him to voice and he will transform those words into magic.

Val Kelly is a bilingual, French/English Voice Actress. Val’s specialty is in voicing characters for cartoons, talking toys, apps, video games,  children’s e-learning, radio & tv commercials and short films. She is the hostess of her own podcast called “Live with Squacky”. It’s a unique and lively, interview style show that dives into the worlds of voice acting and entertainment. Click here to listen and subscribe so you never miss an episode! In addition to being a Voice actress, Val is the Owner/President/CEO/Executive Producer of Mid-Atlantic Voiceover, LLC. For more information about the MAVO2023 “Get Inspired” conference coming up on November 10-12, 2023 visit,  www.midatlanticvo.com.

Zach is a media professional, specializing most in voiceover, audio engineering, and motion capture. He is the owner and CEO of the voice over brand Now Voice This. Between operating LED walls, working the set of T-Mobile commercials, and recording mocap for Super Bowl ads, Zach also runs a gaming YouTube channel with 10,000 subscribers and has been featured in USA Today and ESPN for his gaming accomplishments.