Studio Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts


Everything you need to know for the studio, at home or in person. How you act with your clients will make you or break you and without studio experience, these are things you would never know. This is one chapter you don’t want to be without – no matter where you are in your career.
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– how to walk into the room
– studio etiquette
– desperation
– sickness
– pointing out your mistakes
– energy is contagious
– microphone etiquette
– know your place in the room
– don’t direct
– script preparation prior to audition
– taking notes
– know when to entertain
– promoting yourself
– time is money
– arrive early and be ready
– pronunciations
– humility and gratitude
– mic techniques
– professional attire
– slating and naming your file
– level set your loudest section
– apologizing
– americanism’s
– always come out of the booth with love, joy and risk in place and play
– believe in yourself

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